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Porto Alegre/RS Brasil



Format: 80'

Gender: Neutral

Status: Production

Genre: Documentary

Produced in: Nigeria, Brazil, Slovenia, Croacia and Spain

Launch Year: 2020

Looking for: Broadcasters, Financing and New co-producers 

Rights Available: All available, Worldwide (all languages)

Languages: Yoruba, English, Croatin and Spanish

Co-production: Super8Prod and En Caliente

Country Of Origin: Brazil

Exu and the Order of the Universe is focused in explaining the origin of the principle and functioning of the universe according to the Iorubá people of Nigeria and from this analysis question our own Western values. It intends to recover the importance of the influence of this people of the Southeast of Africa, so important in the constitution of the Brazilian identity. Other topics such as conception of the universe, the passage of time, society, material wealth, language, writing, the African diaspora, candomblé, aging and death are the motto of the work.

The conception of the Iorubá people on these themes can be very surprising and sometimes completely opposite to the Western conception. But because of the processes of European colonization of the Americas, such ideas were eventually neglected or actively demonized by the colonizers.

Thus, the mythical figure of Exu is the main axis and starting point for the film - which is also the common point between the African peoples and Brazil. Exu becomes the central and symbolic figure of this cultural opposition between the two worlds: in the West he becomes a controversial and demonic figure and in Africa, the most important divinity of Iorubá theology, ruler of communication, patience, order and of discipline.